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Planet Talent Case Study




  • Learn how to motivate and retain your employees
  • Find out where to find the time to invest in coaching & development


What to expect

This case study will teach you the following

This Unit4 intuo Use Case focusses on Planet Talent, a consultancy firm that employs 91 consultants. Planet Talent was established in 2012 and grossing €5 million in revenue.

Get answers to questions such as:

  • How do you keep your people engaged with your company when they’re always working somewhere else?
  • How can you retain, and motivate them?
  • Where do you find the time need to invest in coaching and development?

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This infographic is a brief recap of the Case Study.
The visual overview gives you an idea of what talent management can mean to you, as well as what the impact can be of employees that are engaged at their job.

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