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Make better decisions with employee engagement data

Unit4 intuo is a talent enablement platform that provides an alternative to the existing yearly evaluation cycle and engagement survey.

Detect opportunities and prevent issues by sending out mini-surveys on the state of your company culture.


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Request a Unit4 intuo demo

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Stay on top of your culture
with engagement surveys


We introduce a future-oriented system that helps to coach people
and offers you data about their skills and career opportunities.


Blue_checkmark  Periodic Pulses

Use surveys to engage and motivate employees while keeping track of your organisational culture.

Blue_checkmark  Fully Anonymous

Gathered pulse input and opinions are anonymous for everyone

Blue_checkmark  Feedback & praise

Ask, give, aggregate and use both internal and external feedback throughout your process.



Use a +200 question library or create your own

Adopt topics and questions derived from actual organisational challenges.


Easily report engagement data

Track the evolution on questions and topics that return in time. Measure and report on the development of your engagement-related efforts to prove your efforts pay off.


You'll make better decisions with engagement data

Join a short demo session to see how Unit4 intuo can increase engagement

You can expect a reply within a day

Whether it's to find out how Unit4 intuo can improve your current situation or just a general interest in the platform, our team will answer all of your questions in this live demo.