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Helping you manage your remote workforce & getting used to the new normal

Connecting with your people is critical right now. It’s important to know how your people are feeling at work and at home. These are uncertain times, and we want to help. We’re offering our employee engagement tool free of charge until November 2020, no autorenewal, to help you know the pulse of your people, wherever they are.

- Tim Clauwaert, CEO at intuo






The power of regular pulse surveys

Intuo’s engagement pulse surveys allow you to immediately track employee wellbeing, performance and motivation. Managers are kept in the loop and employees feel safe to speak up via quick, anonymous surveys. Every pulse survey is an opportunity to engage and to take action quickly if issues arise.

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Upload list of employees

The only thing you need to do is provide us with a list of your employees. We do the rest and make sure you are set up within 24 hours.







Tailored work from home & back to work questions

You can choose how many questions you ask in each pulse survey. In a few clicks, you can distribute the pulses to everyone in your organisation.

Analyse and act on engagement data

We’ve made it easy for you to gather and report on engagement data with heat maps and benchmarks. No need to dive into the data yourself, you’ll get automatic suggestions when engagement is low.







Create opportunity from remote working

You’ll uncover issues you never would have discovered without pulse surveys. After only a few weeks, you’ll see results that will help you keep your people engaged and motivated.


60 questions, 7 different topics to get a real-time understanding of your employees’ wellbeing









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