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Ten different conversation techniques that will help you prepare or structure your feedback and coaching sessions.

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Which technique should you use?

Use our decision tree to figure out the right technique for your specific situation

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What's inside?

Complete toolbox with
10 different conversation techniques.

You'll recieve a pdf doccument that will guide you to the right techniques for the right situations. 

There are 10 different techniques with blank pages that you can use and fill in during a coaching or a feedback session. Feel free to copy and re-copy the pages as many times as you need.


Find the right technique


Why this toolbox?

One-on-one conversations are often too rigid. In this toolbox, each technique covers a different topic or problem you want to discuss during your one-on-one. 

From questions on reaching goals to personal development or self-awareness, it's all bundled in one compact DIY guide.

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