ROI of staff retention

Staff Retention: Calculate the ROI for your Consultancy Firm

  • Calculate the financial impact of talent management on your organisation, and your staff retention
  • Simply by filling out 6 metrics such as revenue and employee turnover


What our customers say

Employee churn from 18% to 7%

Our employee churn  decreased to 7%,  coming from 18% in 2016

COO at ABC Groep

Patrick Callewaert

Our pain points surfaced

After a few months of using Intuo we knew what our pain points were

HR Advisor at BMW Group

Kildine Van Staey

A tool for change

You shouldn’t just buy a tool just for the sake of buying a tool when it doesn’t alleviate any pain or doesn’t make your processes more efficient

Senior HR Leader at Barco

Samuel De Potter

Infographic: The cost of people leaving

  • This infographic gives you a visual overview of what the general causes & costs are of an employee leaving an organisation.
  • For an analysis of the impact of employee churn, specifically for your organisation, we recommend you download the ROI calculator on top of this page