Mini Guide

Performance Management

  • Everything you need to consider before implementing a Performance Management process

  • Including a Talent Enablement Canvas to guide you in the right direction and give you an overview of where you are headed with your new Performance Management Process.

Mini Guide Change Management

What You'll Learn

    • What to consider before implementing a new PM process
    • Dedicated questions for every step in the process
    • A customer example based on the new framework

" Some organisations delay their performance management implementation to work on their leadership skills. In our experience, giving managers proper training on how to give feedback for example, but not giving them the safety of a process to do it in, wastes a lot of the energy put into the training."

Sr Projectmanager at Menzis

Joop Nijhof
A healthy lifestyle is key at Menzis. This also implies that you have a healthy "working life" with the Performance Management system that fits perfectly into your organisation. This Mini Guide is packed with useful tips that make performance management one of the most important elements in your organisation.