An actionable Mini Guide For A

Rewarding Strategy

  • Get to know how to move from pay-for-performance to pay-for-value.


    This hands-on guide is full of tips & tricks you can start implementing right away. 


Mini Guide Rewarding

What You'll Learn

    • Why the old rewarding model isn’t working anymore
    • Tips to implement rating-less calibration reviews
    • How to recognise your top talent and why you should reward them more

"Before we dive into the new reward framework, it’s important to realise that you too will have to change your mindset. You need to understand that paying people and increasing someone’s salary is about perceived fairness and not about recognition. Because that is the job of the manager and not of the rewarding system."

Managing Partner at We Belong

Stijn Van Loo
Save yourself a LOT of time and frustration and move towards a talent-focused reward model. Step one? Read this mini guide!