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Increase your
Employee Lifetime Value


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What you will learn 

This white paper is full of tips on how you can increase the value someone generates for your organisation by improving:

  • Recruiting & onboarding
  • Managing & development
  • Employee Experience and culture

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Calculate the value of good people practices

We will introduce and discuss the concept of Employee Lifetime Value. With a comparative example, we will illustrate the return on investment of performance management and people practices.



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Make your employees' lifetime value as tall and wide as possible

The longer an engaged employee stays at your organisation the more value he will bring you. Discover what are the best practices to increase the value your people generate.


Download the white paper

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Unit4 intuo is a platform that creates a culture of growth and feedback. Our tools include employee engagement pulses, yearly appraisal planning & follow-up, objective setting & follow-up and learning.