Distributed Talent Management, the 2021 HR trend

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The current crisis severed the formal control link between the company and its teams and employees. Use our research to assess your current HR programs and develop actionable strategies for your people.

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What is Distributed Talent Management

Distributed Talent Management is about bringing value to the employees by distributing the ownership of some HR process to managers and team members.

Find out what Distributed Talent Management look like for the following processes:

    • Learning
    • Career management & internal mobility
    • Performance management
    • Employee engagement & wellbeing
    • Workforce planning
    • Sourcing and recruitment


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What's inside

  • What is Distributed Talent Management?
  • Why is it important to change?
  • What Distributed Talent Management looks like?
    • Examples from frontrunners
  • How to get there?
    • With practical DIY tools

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